“Righteous Father, though the world does not know You ..." (John 17:25)

“Righteous Father, though the world does not know You, I know You, and they know that You have sent me." (John 17:25)

Why doesn't the 'world' know God?

Jesus is continuing his open prayer to the Supreme Being. This part of his prayer reveals a gaping hole among many popular interpretations about Jesus today.

It is the hole that misses the entire purpose of Jesus' coming to the physical world.

This is related to us not knowing the Supreme Being.

These teachers and institutions do not teach about the Supreme Being because they do not know Him.

As Jesus states, "the world does not know You."

Why not? Typically before we can come to know someone we must have some contact with that person. 

Why don't we have contact with God? Is it because He doesn't want us to know Him?

It is because we don't want to.

Each of us is here in the physical world because we do not want to know Him. We want to be away from God, and create an environment where we are the center of the universe.

We are not these physical bodies. We are the invisible (to the physical eyes) spirit-persons that live within and drive these physical bodies. This spirit-person - our spiritual self - cannot be perceived by the physical eyes, nor measured by any of the physical senses or their instrumental extensions (microscopes, MRIs, etc.).

This is why, when a person dies, the exact same body with every organ, every cell, every molecule, every atom that was there when the body was alive is still there in the dead person. Nothing changed, except the personality is gone. The life within the body is gone. The person's goals, desires, aspirations and mission in life are gone. Everything else - everything physical - is still there in the dead body.

This is because the spirit-person leaves the physical body at the time of death. This spirit-person is of another dimension. And because the spirit-person is of another dimension we cannot see it with our physical eyes or otherwise sense it with our physical senses or their extended instruments.

But we know that we exist. And we know that we have existed even though our bodies have completely changed from childhood to adulthood. Science has determined that within five years every molecule in our body has been recycled. This means we are effectively changing bodies even while we are here. If we look at a picture of our childhood body and compare it to our adult body, we can know that the childhood body in the picture is gone. All the molecules have been recycled into the environment. And we are now wearing an altogether different body.

Yet we still feel that the child in the picture was "me" and I am still "me." Who is the "me"? It is the invisible spirit-person that occupies this physical body.

Now we must ask why can't I see my spirit-person self, and why can't I see others as spirit-persons? Why do I only see physical bodies and physical forms?

Because we are currently identifying with these physical bodies. We believe this body is me and this world around us is our home. We think we are physical and we thus rely upon our physical senses as the ultimate seers.

Even though our physical body is constantly aging and closer to death, we still think this body is me. Even though this body will die at any moment, we still think this body is me. And even though we know our senses are extremely limited and pick up only a small bandwidth of even the physical spectrum, we believe that unless our senses can see something, it doesn't exist.

What really exists?

We can compare this situation to those who play computer video games. Why do some become so attached to computer gaming?

Because after they begin to play a particular game they begin to identify with their avatar or icon in the game. They begin to identify with the virtual environment. They become immersed into that virtual environment.

The video game really exists, but it does not exist in the same way that the house the gamer is living in exists. The video game is a virtual environment created by the software.

In the same way, this physical world is a virtual environment. It is created to allow the physical avatar or icon to orchestrate this environment. 

This doesn't mean that the education that exists within the physical world is not real. We are learning real lessons here in the world.

It is the same in a video game. Let's say a videogame is about being a warrior - as many games are. The video game will teach the player certain skills and lessons - say how to shoot faster or evade an opponent.

The physical world teaches skills of love and relationships. It teaches us to be kind and patient and humble in our approach to the world.

Otherwise, the world teaches us lessons that show us that these lessons of love and caring for others is a better way of living.

This is why we cannot see into the spiritual dimension. Even though we are spiritual in composition, we cannot see into the spiritual dimension because we have suspended our spiritual selves while we immerse ourselves within the temporary environment of this physical world.

Why do we forget who we really are?

We forget because it helps us learn. Forgetting our past lives and our nature as spirit allows us to learn lessons without bias.

This is sort of like medical science testing, where the patients and the doctors are blinded - they don't know who is receiving the treatment and who is receiving the placebo. If they don't know then bias won't have as much interference in the results.

In the same way, if we forget who we are, we can learn in this virtual environment without bias.

The elements of forgetfulness were studied by Dr. Ian Stevenson, a medical doctor, and professor of research at the University of Virginia. 

Dr. Stevenson discovered in his research among thousands of patients that children tend to forget their past lives around the age of seven. By that age, they become immersed in the trappings of the particular situation their current body resides in, and the memory of their previous life dissolves. They have successfully suspended their previous lifetime - and their spiritual selves along with it.

The fact is, this is all by the arrangement of the Supreme Being. Just as a programmer ultimately writes the code for a computer-internet video game, the Supreme Being has written the code for this physical world. He has set up the physical world in such a way that we become completely immersed within it.

The Supreme Being gives everyone the option to love Him or not. This is because love requires choice. How could God enjoy our loving Him if He was forcing us to love Him? Therefore, in order to achieve the full enjoyment of receiving pure love, the Supreme Being had to give us the choice to love Him or be not.

Those of us who have made the choice to not love Him naturally became self-centered and ultimately became envious. Because this mentality is not compatible with the loving nature of the spiritual realm, this required us to be sectioned off from the spiritual realm, in order to try to enjoy ourselves separately. How could we possibly escape Him when He is present throughout the spiritual realm? Where in the spiritual realm is God not present?

The Supreme Being set this all up for us out of His kindness. He set up different forms and different types of identities - like avatars - for us to choose from. Just as a person chooses a Halloween costume to act out a particular fantasy, the Supreme Being gave us choices of different types of physical bodies, according to a combination of our desires and the lessons we must learn.

God designed the physical world in such a way that our physical senses and minds have no entrance into the spiritual realm, and our self-identification with these physical bodies blocks our remembrance of our true selves as spiritual beings.

But it is not as if the physical world is some sort of heavenly spot where we can live forever and forget God forever. In fact, if this were such a great place with only pleasure and no pain and no suffering, we wouldn't want to return to our true selves.

And the reality is, we are ultimately miserable here, despite an accumulation of wealth, admiration or success we may achieve in the physical world. We, like the so many wealthy and powerful people of this world, are miserable and lonely, regardless of how large our bank account is, how big our family is or how many adoring fans we have.

The spiritual realm is not compatible with self-centeredness. It is a place of love and kindness. Therefore, this virtual physical world is teaching us how to live in the real world - the spiritual world.

We will only be happy when we return to our loving nature within our true identities within the spiritual realm.

The Supreme Being also programmed the physical world to be a rehabilitation center of sorts. The physical world was programmed with consequences: This creates consequence learning - the ultimate way to learn.

And what is consequence learning? What we sow, so shall we reap. This is consequence learning in a nutshell. Good or bad, whatever self-centered act we do that affects others will come back to us, in one form or another. If we hurt someone's physical body, our physical body or a future one will be hurt in a similar manner.

This is why there is so much suffering in the world. Each person's individual suffering (of their temporary physical body or mind) is the result of their making someone else's body or mind suffer in that way in the past.

In other words, the suffering of the world is our responsibility. Each of us, and all of us as an aggregate, have caused the suffering of the world as a result of our self-centered activities.

So the Supreme Being is not making us suffer. We are making ourselves suffer. He simply set up the physical world as a mirror - a reflection of ourselves.

Did Jesus teach this?

The fact that Jesus confidentially taught these points to his close students and disciples is confirmed by a simple question asked by his disciples:
"Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?" (John 9:1)
This question not only accepts the notion of consequences but that the man could have caused his being born blind from activities prior to this lifetime. This assumes consequence learning.

But we must understand that we are not these physical bodies. So just as the computer game avatar might get blown up but the person sitting at the computer is not blown up, our physical bodies suffer remotely from our spirit-person. The spirit-person only suffers to the extent we are identifying with these physical bodies.

And the reason for the consequence learning system set up by the Supreme Being? To teach us. To help us evolve. To teach us the benefits of loving others and caring for others. Just as parents' will set up consequence learning to help teach the child not to steal or hurt others and become a responsible adult, the Supreme Being has set up consequence learning to help us evolve to a point where we are ready to return to our natural constitution: Our true nature as loving, caring individuals who want to return to our loving relationship with the Supreme Being.

And as we evolve to the point where we sincerely want to return to the spiritual realm and our relationship with the Supreme Being, God will send us a guide to re-introduce us to Him and help guide us back to Him. Jesus confirmed this many times, with other statements, such as:
"I am not here on my own authority, but He who sent me is true. You do not know Him, but I know Him because I am from Him and He sent me.” (John 7:28-29)
This is who Jesus is. The Supreme Being's loving servant, sent to the physical world to help guide those who want to return home to God.

This is why Jesus says in his open prayer:
"and they know that You have sent me."
Jesus is speaking of his sincere disciples and students here ("they"). He is speaking of those who were seeing - perceiving - Jesus' identity as being sent by the Supreme Being to guide them back to the spiritual realm: In essence, re-introducing them to the Supreme Being.

And what will that result in? Why was Jesus making such a big deal about knowing the Supreme Being? Because we must know the Supreme Being before we can love Him. We cannot love someone we do not know.

And Jesus' entire mission revolved around helping his students come to know and love the Supreme Being. He wanted to re-introduce them to the beautiful loving nature of the Supreme Being. This is why Jesus wanted them to praise and glorify the Supreme Being and His Names. And this is why his most important instruction was:
“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment." (Matt. 22:37-38)

*Here is the translation of this verse of Jesus' prayer from the Lost Gospels of Jesus:
"O righteous LORD, although the material world doesn’t know You, I know You and these know that You sent me.” (John 17:16)